The Azure Bakery series: Resources

By adding resources to the previous layers, the cake comes together! We’ll look at the details of the resources and the design recipe. After this, we’ll bake the cake.

The Azure Bakery series: Resources

Welcome back for the fifth and last layer of our cake. Today, we’ll add resources to the previous layers. With these resources, the layers of the cake come together, making it ready to serve!

The resources represent the building blocks of your solution, like the service running the application, the database storing the data, the key vault containing the secrets, and the log analytics workspace for the metrics and logs.

An Azure cake.

We’ll examine the prerequisites, the resources, and the environment's design recipe. After going through all the details, we will bake the Azure cake.


Before you can start baking the cake, there are some prerequisites to fulfill:

  • Azure tenant and user account: You’ll need an Azure tenant, an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) instance. This instance is the base layer of our cake, allowing you to create an identity (user account) to connect to Azure, set up the environment, and deploy the resources.
  • Subscriptions: You’ll need two subscriptions, which you use as management and landing zone subscriptions. And you need owner permissions on these subscriptions to deploy the resources and delete lock. You’ll minimize the costs by removing the resources at the end.
  • Azure CLI: You’ll need the Azure command-line interface for deploying the resources. For the deployment, you use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. You can find more information about the Azure CLI in the documentation.
  • Git: You’ll need Git to clone the GitHub repository that includes the ARM templates, and you can find more information about Git in the documentation.


This post will add the resources for a web application with a SQL database as a backend. Let’s go through the resources of the solution.